Persistent Storage for stateful applications on Kubernetes made easy with

About the Webinar

In this webinar, Director of Community of Rancher Labs Jason van Brackel joins forces with Sr. Developer Advocate Patrick Hoolboom from MayaData to talk about benefits of OpenEBS and Rancher as a combined solution.

Rancher's multi-cluster Kubernetes management solution allows development teams to iterate fast, deploy efficiently and operate at scale. Kubernetes allows you to orchestrate containers that are highly available. However, in the case of container reschedule, Kubernetes does not provide a great set of primitives to manage your persistent data along with your application containers. In this webinar, we will present some of the challenges associated with managing persistent data in Kubernetes and how we can make day 2 operations easier to manage. We will briefly introduce the combined offering and talk about a couple of approaches to solving data persistence problems in multi-cloud environments with Rancher and OpenEBS. During the demos, we will showcase how we address data availability with OpenEBS.

We will also talk about project updates in the latest releases and preview of upcoming Kubecon announcements.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of OpenEBS and Rancher
  • Benefits of the combined solutions 
  • Demo
  • Quick update on OpenEBS 0.9 Release
  • KubeCon Barcelona announcements
  • Q&A

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Murat Karslioglu

VP of Products

MayaData Inc.

Murat Karslioglu is a technologist, public speaker and a startup advisor with over 15 years of experience in storage, distributed systems, and enterprise infrastructure. Prior to joining MayaData, Murat worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage in various advanced development projects including storage file stack performance optimization and the storage management stack for HPE’s HCI solution. Before joining HPE, Murat led virtualization and OpenStack integration projects within the Nexenta CTO Office.

Murat holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Sakarya University, Turkey, as well as a number of IT certifications. When he is not in his lab, he loves to travel, advise startups, and spend time with his family.


Jason van Brackel

Director of Community

Rancher Labs

As DIrector of Community of Rancher Labs, Jason van Brackel is responsible for enabling and engaging the Rancher Labs open source community, by developing programs to train, enable, and energize technologists implementing Rancher Labs' technologies and complimentary CNCF and OSS projects.
Jason has over 10 years of experience using technologies like Kubernetes to assist organizations in developing next-generation-cloud-native applications, while also supporting existing legacy and monolithic application investments.


Patrick Hoolboom

Sr. Developer Advocate

MayaData Inc.

As Sr. Developer Advocate at MayaData, Patrick Hoolboom assists developers or DevOps oriented users of Kubernetes in designing and deploying stateful workloads. He also assists in developing solutions using OpenEBS to manage stateful workloads in containerized environments.
Patrick has over 13 years of expertise in DevOps methodologies and closed-loop automation in the data center. Using configuration management tools like Puppet or building custom scripts to improve processes across the organization.